Stainless Steel Snack Containers

Stainless Steel Leak-proof Lunch Box

Containers Set of 2

The best stainless steel lunch box container to pleat into your kid's lunch box or your pulse are economical, stylish and non-toxic. After all, you don’t want to reuse the same old thin plastic lunch container that is broken scratched or chipped. You need a container that is made of a great material not that of materials that release toxic materials to your food.

Stainless steel Qualways leak-proof lunch box containers is a strong, durable non-toxic and won’t fall apart in a dishwasher after the third wash. It does not stain from the pasta that you in it. This container can stand up to the dents beatings and dings that lunch box takes from kids and adults alike. The package comes with two lunch box containers where each box measures 3.25(Diameter) X 1.75 (Depth) inches and can hold up to 8 OZ of what you want to put in.

Using this lunch box container means that you can mix up your lunch routine, you can add in hot soup and crunchy salad without the fear of it messing your stuff. Stainless steel Qualways leak-proof lunch box containers help your food to stay fresh safe and secure away from external contamination as the lid is super strong and can be used for a wide range of food storage choices.

A family can save over $ 400 in one year by using Qualways Stainless Steel Leak-proof Lunch Box Containers rather than using disposable plastic lunch box containers. And even better they can go in the dishwasher! No more hand washing, saving you at least 5 min a day. Of Corse who doesn’t need a time saver.

The lunch box container is also safe to use and does not contain BPA chemicals so you can use them easily for long term storage in the fridge without the worry of the release of toxic chemicals into your food.

This fancy and functional lunch box set can be your pride and joy. With their bright silver surface, they look great in your kitchen, and they can be easily found in the cupboard. They are light weight, so you don’t have to worry about you or your kid carrying heavy containers on their way to school.

To get Stainless Steel Leak-proof Lunch Box Containers for yourself is easy, all that you have to do is to just browse our collection and make your selection. We will ensure the quickest possible delivery at your door step.