Our Story

The idea of Qualways came about as a result of a concerned father on his kids’ health. I watched my two boys enjoying hot and yummy pasta in their plastic bowls and the thought of how healthy the food was, came into my mind. This forced me to do a deeper research on anything that was involved on my kids’ food. I was startled to find that the bowls they were using contained potentially harmful chemicals and had high risks associated with them. I had to look for a healthier alternative and eliminate the plastic bowls and to reduce their exposure to the leachy toxins that are found on the plastics as well as do the right thing for our environment.

After a long search without a way out, we agreed there had to be a better way: a way to help other people who care just as deeply for their health and their family's health; there needed a safe, healthy and high quality stainless steel products which anyone can trust as well as afford. Having this in mind, we created high quality stainless-steel products, and in 2015 Qualways was born. We are driven not only by the desire to have an impact on creating durable products but also to offer reusable and innovative solutions to change behavior and help the planet.

Today we have about 80 product sku’s selling on Amazon and on our site and we’ve sold thousands of Qualways products and each year, through the use of our products we are preventing thousands pieces of trash from use and disposal.

We are mission based enterprise that helps the world to reduce their dependence on plastics. Qualways is part of the plastic pollution solution and for whatever reason our customers buy our products; be it because they are worried about their health, their economic capacity or the environmental reasons, it clearly shows us that we are moving towards the right direction. I am delighted that our products have empowered many families to say goodbye to many harmful products such as plastics and In providing our environmental friendly products to help people green their habits, we are opening their thinking to move beyond other harmful products in many other parts of their lives.

I hope you enjoy celebrating high-quality Qualways products. After all, our products are healthy for you, planet, and your pocketbook. What could be better than that?

Thank you for joining us and being part of change in our great planet by choosing to refuse plastic and use healthier alternatives.